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About The Show

Christian Music Digest: An Audio Newsletter is a show that features the latest news in the Christian music industry as well as artist interviews and album reviews. The show will offer you a peek into the lives of the artists you hear on the radio and maybe introduce you to some new artists as well.

About The Host

JD is the founder of Radio CSS Media, an online radio ministry whose aim is to be Your Source for Family Centered Content. JD was born in The City of Roses, also known as Portland, Oregon. Since his birth he has lived in 14 different cities in 5 states. Currently residing in The Valley of the Sun, he is an avid reader and lover of good Christian music that glorifies God. In addition to his work with Radio CSS Media, he also enjoys web design, reading, audio dramas, music, and eating. He also serves as Managing Editor of Spirit & Word, a monthly newsletter published by his church.

About The Radio CSS Media Mascot 

Snowy is a pure bred, white, Miniature Schnauzer and at most times, during recording sessions, can be found curled up under the desk. He is named after the little white dog from The Adventures of Tintin comic books by Herge. We later found out that Tintin’s Snowy was a wired-haired terrier, but we still think he looks like a Mini Schnauzer.

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